Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tank Farm

Across the 4 lane highway, with its tiny soulders of sand and filth, is this tank farm in various states of decay. A road cuts through the center, and one half are the very rusty tanks, seemingly in a mud of rusting metal and vehicle hulks. Some are completely bare now, covered in rust, with others slowly having their sheet metal fall or get torn off. Alot of interesting noises come from it banging around on the metal as it blows in the wind.

As for JEM I have no idea, but I really am curious about the how and why of carving off the white paint in letter forms to expose the underlying metal and create graffiti out of rust! Eventually the whole thing will be rust, so will it even stick out?

On the left were those better looking white tanks, and although some looked better off, and one even seemingly freshly repainted, rusty debris littered the ground, and the facilities seemed talyored more for a scrapyard than oil storage: instead of oil trucks, their were excavators. The whole palce sent whiffs of oil smell about.


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