Monday, March 12, 2007

Apparantly here "they" (the city?) simply destroyed whatever abandoned and decayed housing was nearby the Amtrak overpass.

I've seen these billboards in Richmond too, which state "Donate your car" and "help children in need." That's a little girl on the billboard with an explanation of joyful surprise. Indeed, when parents of children have cars it is quite good for their children as well. But why not just state "Help (millions) of adults in need"? That would cover children, and millions of others whose lives are hampered by a transportation system entirely focused on road transport. Moreover, why advertise to an audience facing a protracted decline in living standards? Though just as ineffective, this billboard would at least be more pointed if positioned at the gates of a mansion with a forty car garage.

Progress marches on, but under capitalism it never cleans up after itself. This is a lithography studio, from the days when that tedious and expensive process was the way to make mass images. Good riddance to such technology! Yet the resources focused on it lie here, in a street in Baltimore, decades after it has become obsolete. Last time I passed by this street on the train two policeman had a teenage black boy forcibly lying on this desolate sidewalk, arms and legs outstreched. They stood over him with guns drawn, presumably questioning him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not illegal to take photos from a train. That's nonsense. Was the train public or private? If public, they don't even have the right to ask to stop.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Here's the Amtrak policy:

Response from Media Relations: Photography of trains from public property - not railroad property - is permitted. Persons not holding tickets for trains scheduled for immediate departure may not enter station train platforms, thus non-passengers are prohibited from photography from train platforms. Passengers holding tickets may take photographs from train platforms while waiting to board a specific train for which they hold tickets or immediately after alighting from a train. "Snapshots" or other amateur photography that does not interfere with passengers or crew is permitted on board trains. Any other photography requires permission obtained in advance.

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In photo # 9, what it that building in the upper left?

Verrry Gothic.

8:09 PM  

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