Sunday, October 07, 2007


(From August 12th, 2007)

I recently went on a week long Christian work trip. God has punished me for my non-belief with 8+ days of sickness, rendering another week almost useless.

Last night - a twelve hour attempt at sleeping - resulted in more tissues than minutes of sleep. Most trashcans around the house are now just tissue recepticles.

I wonder exactly how much energy goes towards mucus production, or why it's even necessary. So I went to wikipedia. I learned a bit, but also found well-written passage on "dried nasal mucus" (which, as wikipedia notes, is "vulgarly or colloquially called "snot", "booger(s)" etc.)

"Dried nasal mucus forms when the mucus traps dust and other particles in the air. Mucus dries around the particle and hardens, somewhat like a pearl forming in an oyster."


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