Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fan school playground.

From a bench, likely and area of high activity.

From a bench, likely not an area of interest.

From a bench. I think this is a nice angle and the area could be made to have high activity.

From a fence; the blue thing makes this somewhat surreal.

In case we need some irony in a shot...

Toddler Playground:

Toddler playground is right nearby the big playground; equipment is faded and worse for wear, which creates a dreariness. This angle is a from a fence.

From a bench, likely not that active.
From a fence (I think). This could be a neat spot, as the tires create an illusion to military machines. I also suspect games would be created around the bomblets and the tires.

From a fence; a nice angle, but maybe not that much activity


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