Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Railroad tracks for nothing.

Empty loading dock, empty railroad track. I used to be told that railroads in the U.S. had something like 2/3rds of the trackage abandoned in the last 50 years simply because of trucks. Obviously, closed industry ships by neither truck nor rail...

I'm curious why theres a yard to store cars here, because the track in the foreground is characteristic of the area... in other words, I didn't find any places nearby that had any rail service. Its probably that this has long been a yard, and outlying areas are the traffic base.

This is a very interesting scene to me. Why not take out that whole center track, or leave it fully in case of emergency use? Also, what could a few sections of rail possibly be needed for, considering all the last photos where it remains, covered in weeds?

If you have a fetish for railroad tracks that lead to nowhere and do nothing come to Richmond, VA! Rather, go to any industrial place in America... or many in Canada... or other "rich" countries wreaked by the contradictions of global capitolism...


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