Friday, November 18, 2005

Abandoned Quarry

Down the railroad a few miles from the last series of photos, with nothing else in between, is this I'm guessing lime plant. I forgot to get a picture of the enourmous hunk of mountain behind this photos that is now bare, having been stripped of down all around to look like its from another region of the world. Regardless, if it is indeed lime that was mined from the mountain, that was then transferred on this structure across the creek, and into the processing plant behind me in this photo. From there, it could've been loaded into railcars, or possibly trucks.

I would like someone to tell me why a large industrial facility has a rope bridge across a creek! While really fun to walk on, and now with some lose planks, In the context of working this seems absurd with the large metal bridge directly above. In fact, it has a walkway, which we looked into using, but the loose boards which are placed or the metal bars are loose, dissheleved, and rooting. On some different stairs, my foot went though a step, so we weren't looking to try that upper level out. Plus, who can resist a rope bridge? Oh, in the backround believe are storage silos.
Here are the tipples for unloading the material into trains/trucks. Obviously, the one on the left used to have a railroad track under it, but the one of the left has lower clearance and may be only for truck, or may have been converted to truck use. Either way, nothings going on now, except for a nice family that went down to the creek to fish. I really like this rusty symmetry.
Larger view showing storage silos.
What an aesthetically pleasing bridge in design, with the smooth tapering in of the peirs to form the main section. On the top of this is a conveyor belt to transport the material from the mountain behind me to the storage silos, and then processing.


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