Monday, November 21, 2005

Additions to Previous West Virginia Post

On the way to that swath of mountain destruction, this road led by this stark coal tipple. Only the tiniest suggestion of a conveyor belt on the hillside to the left is still remant, and otherwise, just an overgrown road. This definetly would've loaded freight cars, but I didn't see any remains of a railroad, which is curious. When coming upon this massive structure, it really jumps out- its quite tall, and so narrow to, with no connection to anything else like a wire, walkway, or support. It is just an isolated pillar of former prosperity. ... prosperity that was undoubtably the property of the coal mining company, not its mass of impoverished workers.
I still can't figure out how to sort these photos in a multiple post, so let it be clear that this middle photo has nothing to do with the top and bottom; it is from that lime (?) quarry and tipple. I just found the picture, and liked it quite a bit, for it really shows the height of the main structure, and the precariousness of both foot crossings across the river. Choose from the wobbly, crumbling rope bridge, or the jagged, uneven walkway directly in the foreground!

Back to that first subject: here is a view from the top floor of the tipple. I didn't take this photo with the intention of surrealism


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