Friday, June 23, 2006

Assorted Truck Pictures

A two hour drive up the New Jersey Turnpike, to drop off 10-15 windows into a small storage container. The truck can barely fit in here, it'll take about 15 minutes to back out the 1000 feet or so to the entrance. Then, a two or more hour drive back.

The combilift at rest. This machine is wonderful fun to drive- it can go forward, backwards, and sideways. All three wheels can pivot. It costs $56,000 (!), supposedly because it has a microprocessor inside that will take note of repeated driving patterns and automatize them. It is the only way to move siding around in this warehouse, as the aisles are far to narrow to carry a pallet of siding with a normal forklift.

Here's the crafty way to get a pallet of siding onto a small delivery truck- first, the green forklift picks the pallet up sideways and get it's end onto the the back of the truck. The old standard forklift then comes in and gets a hold on the end of the pallet

The green forklift drops back, and then the standard one shoves the entire pallet it. It works quite well for getting the siding in... but getting it out? The pallet must be broken apart by hand in the truck, and then hand unloaded.

I beleive this is a very appropriate slogan.


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