Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Kind of Buildings Elite Colleges Have, and the Elite Who Use Them

This college costs $41,000 dollars a year. Part of this obviuously goes to these gorgeous, ornate buildings that fill the entire campus. Ironically, you can struggle to find anyone in them, as... $41,000 a year is not something many can refrain from gasping at.

At least this school is cultivating culture. Here we have a leading representative of this fine school, as shown by his participation in student government. What forces of progress for humanity does he show? An interest in "Civil War, Politics, Cars, Travel."

Maybe some clarification as to what civil war? Perhaps he simply likes all civil wars. I wonder what he thinks about imperialistic wars? I have a guess.

More stupifying wealth.

More personal interests of the cultural and intellectual elite.


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