Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How to Make a Foamcut Print.

Again, due to a critically wounded computer, I can no longer rotate my images nor reduce their size. Still, I intend to show how these prints are made.
Here, the paper I'm going to print on is laid out, and the foam block has just been hosed off after doing 4 prints in a row. With it clean of paint clogging the finer cuts, I'm ready to do another 3 or 4 prints.

Now it has been inked up with alot of black poster paint. I mix about 6 eggs into a gallon of the water-soluble tempara paint, to make it thicker.

Each thirty foot long roll of paper makes only three prints, with 6 feet left over each time. In the future, I'm going to plan better in that respect. Here, I'm using discarded cabinet material , which a company threw out because these four pieces have about a foot looped off. I use it as a backing for the paper, because the cabinet material is heavy, strudy, and very smooth. To the left is a piece of masonite, which I originally intended for that purpose....

But, due to the discovery of this gem, it's now a ramp. A freind pointed out how ideal this metal/concrete bumping post would to apply pressure for the printing, and he was very, very correct. Before I used this, the prints were horredously inconsistent. I managed to bike it 3 blocks for this, nearly breaking my bike and it's third wheel addition. I know it has to weigh several hundred pounds, but I'm not sure exactly.

Using that peice of masonite as a ramp, I roll this on top of the sheet of foam, and then carefully back and forth.

After rolling it back off, I lift up the foam, and 12 times today, this was the result.


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