Sunday, January 15, 2006

Steel Scraps

I had an art assignment last year, I forget what it was, but I do know I hated it's constrictions. I decided to be a to reply with an attempt to try to simply manufacture art, instead of creating it. I scooped some steel scrap out of a railroad, and then sifted though it for the best forms. Then I made about 30 little wooden bases, painted them white, and glued fitting pieces on. Certainly, these little peices were pretty dry and thoughtless, but amusingly, I have about 10 away because alot of people thought they were appealing. The rest are slowly falling apart.

The pieces of steel themselves are shavings from cutting and shaping steel forms, I'm told. 100 tons of this sutff was stuffed in that railcar.

The four above pictures are really misleading, this is actually the real environment of these sculptures.


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