Friday, January 06, 2006

Curious Subjects at a Tug Dock

The large tug is on a dry dock, where all parts can be accesed for maintenence. One possible operation so far is the addition of small blocks of zinc, which cut down on corrosion of the metal on the tug's underside. In return for the cut, they corrode, causing the need for replacement supposedly yearly. These little sliver bricks can be seen in the first shot, attached to the bow.
Perhaps its not obvious in the lower shot, but there is, in fact, a small tree growing out of(?) the bow of the pesky little craft in the foreground. That doesn't bother me though- with a classy purple, yellow, and red paint sheme, and a huge wooden wheel with pegs! I just asked someone what the "wheel" was called, because I swore it was something more dramatic and appropriate than just the "wheel"

The Delaware River has some quality muck & sludge. This is still tidal water, so all this goo around the tire was constantly bobbing up an down.

This only got my attention because of the constrast: on a steel cart, with steel wheels,(!) which could be nearly a century old, there's a relatively modern water compartment off the back of a truck. Why not just use the truck frame at least, with rubber tires?

Another picture of little artistic qaulity or merit, but I find it interesting. What a way to make a ramp! This looks like it's as smooth as my 8 -year old efforts to make 30 degree angled ramps out of thick pieces of blasa wood, for tiny little toy cars. The ramp is from the rock onto another stationary barge.


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