Friday, December 30, 2005

A view of the active container point, from which a container ship had left about an hour ago. Exposure was about 30 seconds at F13

I climbed halfway up the ore unloaders, having gone the entire way previous in daylight. I stood motionless for minutes, partially in awe of the view, partially in fear of the precariousness of my position. This was only made worse as I attempted, on a narrow walkway, to unfold the tripod, and then take out the camera while holding an umbrella. The stress and fear was eventually too much, so I shot little from up here. The streak of light is a small boat leaving the dock, perhaps taking a pilot out to a departing ship.

I'm standing at the convergence of two flights of stairs and some horizontal walkways that lead to various parts of the loader. Above, still, are the arms that extend out over ships to scoop and (dump?) ore.

It was extremely tricky bracing against the wind and the rain, on this walkway, to get a decent shot. Rain got on the lense for this one. This is looking the other way, towards the shore, as I'm standing one of the last two unloaders.


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