Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I see quite a few excavators, their outside my window every morning. I'm always drawn to watching them though, becuase their so evocative of creatures in thier movements. Its a nice, jerky, awkward, scary sort of resemblance too. So many of the metal tools suggest insects to me; this attachment reminds me of a jointed leg and its sharp tips. Really though, it just flips down, to provide a mock thumb to the bucket of the excavator, good for grabbing debris, steel, and such.

Alot of these recent photos are quite empty, just being my immediate reaction to a pretty form or interesting composition. But, I'm learning how to use this camera. For all of these shots, I have the aperture at F10, and I use a remote for the exposure length. On each new picture, all I had to touch on the camera was focus. Otherwise, I used a remote to start each exposure, and counted to what my guess was to how long it should be. Almost all of these subjects are the only photo I took, so it works pretty well.

Long exposure of the tree that's shadow was on the plain building.


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