Thursday, December 08, 2005

Material Drawings

These are what I consider the flimsiest of the drawings.

This was done from memory, and I think suffers a bit in composition. I actually drew the wheels on the closer end first, and then realised that its near impossible to put a trailer into a loading dock backwards, and how little sense the drawing therefore made. But, in retrospect, how much sense does it make to leave a trailer, wood, an enourmous building, and more unused? The material I found from this scene was the peeling stripes of paint, which I used in the Iraq peice as market stall curtain.

This was the first drawing in the series, and its weakness is merely a testament to the progression that comes from doing 11 drawings successily in a similar manner. The way I put the material, peeling paint and rust, back in the drawing, is also pretty terrible... I used it in the peice on some faces and buildings. This scene is of a small building in the midst of unused parking lots covering the unused railroad yards they replaced, sometimes without taking out the railroad tracks. I actually picked up some glass and decayed cardboard like substance here, but found them of no use.

I actually sketched this onsite, at night, as I was rummaging through this scene of devastation for the materials for the wall on my peice. I found them here- I was expecting to use the plentiful bricks, but I found that the mortar from in between the bricks makes a much more accurate and lighter (though still something like 70 pounds) wall. There is some of that in the lower right of the draw, but it barely comes off in this photo. So, what we have here is me on a plateau of crumbled wall, looking down upon more demolition, a pond of filth, and a large, seemingly unused (I cite the foliage for that assertion) building. I drew this from the very simple and hurting sketch (no light where I was) and that may be part of the reason its so poorly done. I could go back and fix things, of course...

An abandoned tank farm, probably with around 7 of these huge, wide cylinders. Here I found some white paint peeling of the wall, as shown in the left of drawing. Before this, I had never seen an abandoned tank farm, nor imagined the possibility, considering the use of oil is always on the rise. As shown in another post, this isn't even the only one in the area, another serves now as a junkyard!


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