Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Snow, Ice, Waste, Decay

I usually have a hard time taking strickly nature photos, but this was such an interesting little scene I think it worked. A freind and I spent about 30 minutes throwing even bigger icicles into rocks in an attempt to get a shot of the breaking, but it was cold and that was tricky.

Under a stone railroad viaduct, this average pile of junk from a demolished industrial site suddenly becuase interesting as the drops from 50 feet above coated the scene with ice. I recall it being maybe 15 degrees out, and having to warm hands in the car after mere minutes of photography.

I'd like to make the assumption that the tailings and filth, forming both what I was standing on and huge piles behind me, and coming from an enourmous, closed iron mine nearby, are the reason that these particular trees are dead while others are not. But, of course I don't know.

One of these winter days where its mid-afternoon and you feel like its going to be dark far too soon. The building on the left is one small part of a massive steel mill, and while I don't believe it was unused, it was certainly underused. I'll come back to the details of the mill in a later post that has a drawing of it.


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