Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Some Winter Utilities

A sudden change in the weather has compelled me to shift my attention to winter shots. All of these, along with nearly everything I'll post for a month, will be older pictures from my former place of residence.

There was a period of months last year where I had a fascination with water towers, resulting from the revealation that they exist. That may sound silly, but they were surprisingly hidden. When I stuly began to understand that profit was the underlying force of most every aspect of our society, it provided a completely new and far superior way of analysis the world around me; when I realized that water towers are enourmous, well hidden, and sometimes beautiful structures that exist in the most absurdly obvoius places, I visually looked above roofs and trees in a different way. Sometimes, what I found made me laugh, like this looming, but peaceful thing that exists right next to these houses, nearly invisible, but dominating the landscape.
While the previous water tank was simple, yet pleasing, this one is more of a behemoth. I love the massive, oval shape, with its thick ribbs heading towards pillars, and how in the end, its painted a beautiful sky blue, and simply holds lots of water. I took the from a construction site, as evidenced by the excavator "frame"
When I was going through old photos, I selected this one, but looking again a few minutes ago, I wondered why. The lattice work growing larger and closer is a little interesting, maybe, but to haphazard for what I usually like. Then I saw what it was: that beautiful , land-bourne cloud of steam rising from the cooling (towers?) of a coal-burning powerplant.


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