Thursday, December 08, 2005

Material Drawings II

Though barely noticible in this photo, theres a shred of yellow rag between the rail and the step ladder. I used a photo for this drawing of a large, flat industrial district, where streets are nearly always flanked by additional paved areas with unused railroad tracks. Many of these unused railroad tracks go to unused buildings, or another variety that results in nearly the same economic impact- refurbished. In this area, refurbished means sculpture studio, art gallery, storage, or apartments. Whichever, the loss of jobs is scarcely reduced. The building to the left is used for industrial purposes, but like almost everything, it like its really used. Looking at this made me remember another interesting trait of these areas: entire blocks of fenced in feild. When I see them, I think odd, but sometimes I actually forget that they mark the place where something used to be, that their not arbitrary, undeveloped but owned property.

Here the empty field is shown in all it's fenced, overgrown, and trashed glory, drawn from a picture I took. All the cloth of my peice, primarily for the soldiers uniforms, was found by riding my bike slowly down streets like this, gazing constantly at the grabage-strewn space between the crumbling road and fencing/building. Among this trash I found the wide variety I needed, be it the yellow cloth in the top picture, or the whites and greys in this. It may seem odd to do this at night, but I got the idea for cloth (which really solved a problem) at night and wanted to get it. It's not like anyone is around these terribly eerie and depressing landscapes anyway, the only mammal I saw was a bunny.

From memory, I tried to recreate the extremely helpful dumpster next to this classic industrially designed building thats currently being gutted. I really like the drawing, but if the goal were accuracy, I found out later when looking that the tag is several block away, not even on a billboard, and without arrows, that the backround building is several blocks another way... but, I don't consider this an error of much importance. If I were to fabricate the entire condition I so constantly depict, I think that would be a greivious error:

As for materials, leaning against the building is the 4 x 8 peice of plywood I used as a backing for the iraq peice, in the dumpster are smaller, stained pinkish peices of wood I used in the faces, along with crumbled brick for the same.


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