Wednesday, December 28, 2005


This sweater suggested someone trying to get over some viscious fence like this. Of course, it was just thrown up there.

mmm.... financial buildings. Commerce used to be centered in the foreground, next to this small river connecting to a very navigable one, but now it is centered in the background, in the towers of BANK1ONE, MBNA, Bank of America, etc. These instituations, the center of our current economy, derive their revenue and profit from extracting money from the masses of this country and the world. They don't actually produce anything.

I realize now that this is a very dark photo in B & W. Oops. Theres not much to see anyway, just a large, empty paved area, some outlet stores, and carictures of the former shipbuilding and manufacturing industries that used to reside here, in the from of an isolated smokestack and some waterfront cranes.

Having some beautiful marsh grasses in front of I95 and this mudflat makes it alot more attractive.


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