Thursday, December 29, 2005

The All Pervasive Inequality of Capitalism

Here, surrounded by the ever-growing neighborhoods of $500,000 houses, and up the street from a salon/day spa, light fixtures store, and natural foods market, lies a single trailer home.

Next to it lies a little used or unused Mushroom facility. Before the swath of high income neighborhoods took over most land, mushroom farming was the cheif occupation of this area. Why the wealthy of the area have settled en masse amongst shit, I don't know.

This was a 5 minute exposure, as there was no light on this scene. I should've done longer, and focused better, but shots like this don't come in quantity. I'll get it some other time.

Part of the same complex, this photo has the same problems. I was trying to get two deer in the photo, they actually were standing a mere 15 feet away, next to the buildings, but I wasn't smooth enough. I'm not sure what these buildings were here for, but next to them is a moderately sized plant that used to produce plastic and rubber products.


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