Saturday, December 31, 2005

Daytime Interlude

I was able to take some pictures from inside the motor house today of these ore unloaders. This is a bit blurry, though I think the effect is a good compliment to the hazy light shining in through dirty windows. Also, it seems to imply some sort of movement within the machinery... something I never see.

I'm guessing the panel on the right is the circuitboard. It ran the width of this structure, and included meters and dials about all the different aspects of the machinery. It was made by Westinghouse, who was responsible for the wiring in a plethora of industrial applications years ago.

I love the pattern that the decaying window and bars outside form. We couldn't figure out what that hand winch is for.

Looking out the window towards another ore unloader and the port and weed-strewn lots beyond.

The door into the motor-house, with my camera bag lying in it.


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