Monday, January 02, 2006

Summer Camp

This is a summer day camp for kids from the city of Wilmington, Delaware. It is situated in a narrow valley created by the creek in this picture. Aside from these buildings beyond the creek, there is an entrace area about the same size, and these two areas combined make up the entire land allocated to let thousands of children who live in crowded areas of the city to experiance nature. By contrast, massive open fields and forests nearby, and up into Pennsylvania, are owned by those wealthy who can afford the million dollar houses constructed on these plots. Little of this land is used for anything, except horses and fence construction. Enourmous tracts of land could be devoted to a camp like this, where children could really delve into the woods, creeks, and feilds.

I was having problems of over exposure. This is a few steps back from the last shot.

Medicine hut. Along with it, there seems to be a small office, a small pool, a shed, and those other building previous pictured. Wilmington has a population of 72,000.

Storage Shed? Children have written all over it, amusingly, along with several "I love Camp Ware!" and other happy comments, someone got in a "Camp Ware sucks" West End is a neighborhood in Wilmington. Looking at this shed, its obvious most kids really loved the new surroudings, the pool, the creek, etc. If only all of them had the oppurtunity... and if only the space and resources alotted weren't an insult.


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