Friday, January 06, 2006

Private Tracts of Public Land, Private Accumulation of Wealth, a Tree, Drainage, and a Model

How charitable my local school is on matters of land use.
I had a dog by the leash in this pose, but she never was still enough to even show up in this!

The folks who occupy this new home will likely be as pleasant as the school on questions of property. What a hideous looking side of a house! Really though, this side is as wide as the front of many houses are- and the only break in its monotonous siding is a piddly little window. They'll be another house next to this, which likely accounts for the simplicity of the side... but the true hideousness of the design of this house side lies not in its appearance but in the selfish accumalation of wealth that such a grotesquely huge house represents.

A long exposure plus a wintery breeze.

Terrible photo, partly becuase it was raining and I was helpless to prevent water on the lense, but I've been admiring this moster of snow for its entire 45 day existence. It's watery decline, on a warm day, takes up a good 1000 feet of the parking lot trying to find the where the concept of drainage was finally implemented.

This is a little scene I made while under peculiar social pressures. It was fun, though, the buildings only about 2 inches tall.


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