Friday, June 23, 2006

Regularity at Work

Here's photos of some normal stuff at a building supply ware house:

Stocking fake (vinyl) shutters on a rack that is clearly not appropriate for their size.

In a warehouse, items are stored in an organized manner so that they can be found and redistributed. In the case of this warehouse, the organization is lacking, but the principle is the same. We've got about fifteen of this noisy steel carts, we wheel them around as we pick items out of stock to assemble an order. In this photo, that's already been done, and the orders on the carts are waiting to be loading onto the truck. It might be a long wait, sometimes the trucks are gone for over 12 hours in a day.

Vinyl siding, as far as I know, is usually twelve or sixteen feet long, and about a foot wide. Incredibly, 16 to 20 peices like this are simply put in a thin cardboard box, which also must be 12 or 16 feet long. Full of siding, a box also weighs perhaps 75 to 100 pounds. The boxes have no structural stability; they are like a long heavy noodle. This is what happens when you put 20 of these boxes on a long wooden pallet.

Outside, empty pallets are stacked to await pickup. (so they can be reused) In the background are the two smokestacks of a passenger railcar maunfacturer, long since abandoned.


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