Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fifteen photos from New York City. Five were taken in the Upper East Side, one of the richest areas in the world; ten are from the Bronx, one of the poorest areas in the United States. While the photos from the Bronx were taken about 6 miles away from those in the Upper East Side, images of staggering wealth disparity can be found much closer. I just happened to go this route.

High-class janitorial services, early Sunday morning.

Apartments in these buildings assuredly cost millions, if not tens of millions.

...up in the Bronx

Shopping on Madison Avenue.

Or, in the Bronx

Transportation. This car - the Mercedes S600 - costs as much as a decent house: $150,000. It's the most expensive standard Mercedes model; I also saw the top BMW, Land Rover, and Jaguar models. Who knows what's cooped up in private garages.

From a car as much as a house to no car at all.