Friday, January 13, 2006

Hospital Wastewater Disposal Facility

Spiral staircases are aesthetically superior to normal ones.
While I was taking these photographs, I considered yet again what the value of them might be. To just explore the mass of abandoned America, Russia, or Germany, etc., and take pretty photos of all the decay, really states nothing if it is just left at that. I mention this trend because I'm seeing more sites stemming from it, and I don't want to imply that all of my photographs are also an unexplained foray into the peculiar aesthetic of industrial decay.
The subject of these five photographs, and the 10 of the next two posts, is this small complex of buildings languishing nearby a public hospital. In documenting them, one must ask- why are these still here?


This rusty cabinet has a splayed gesture of a dead animal to my surprise, since it is entirely made of right angles, with no curves in between. It seems like I should understand more modern sculpture if I see something in this. Downstairs there are remants of some cases of beer strewn among the trash that people have dumped. There seems to be a connection between this sort of enviromental degradation and human degradation...

This is the small creek that used to get the hospital's filth dumped into it, and it's clean water pumped out. The concrete blends in really well.

Sometimes shooting poorly composed, uninteresting photos while facing towards the sun has a nice result, I've found. All these other photos are from that building in the backround.

Derelict Sewage Treatment Plant B&W's

These last three photos show the staircase down to the lower level of this building. This simple staircase created an several interesting photographs where their would have been none, solely because it is a spiral.

I actually did a little editing on this photo, but making the dark and light more stark. I was hoping to make the 'enourmous heavy object hanging pecariously by nearly nothing' situation more visible. I don't think it's too good of a photo, but it is certainly still curious.

I need tighter quality control... this doesn't seem to notable now. I took it after noticing the very clean zigzag break of the wood in the upper left. This has fallen down into what I presume is one of three sewage pits.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Mighty "Free Spirit"

This is my steed.

Actually, it's my sisters, but she'll never use it, and my parent's keep it as another thing they'll never use. One day, I needed transportation, and my real bike was distant, so I fixed this gem up in a few minutes. I tried to lose all the extraneous crap, to pare the weight down around 75 pounds. Then I splattered the rusty chain with household oil. Keeping the nice purple finish, my only addition is the tripod holder, which is made out of two bungee cords. It works, it's gotten be where I need to go, though above about 15 mph you really feel just how bent both wheel frames are. At 30 mph it's downright scary.
According to the stickers, this is Index equipped.