Friday, June 23, 2006


Even if somethings twenty feet in the air, it's sometimes is easier to get by hand instead of forklift. That's happening here, I'm using the largest step ladder we have. The rule is that the largest step ladder will always get me high enough so that the gap between my foothold and the ladder is just slightly larger than how far my leg can reach. That's what's going on here.

This cart has been filled with junk for months. Perhaps for the tenth time, it has been mentioned that it has been put away. I might be able to find where a few things go, but inevitably within hours someone else, walking around with a loose, strange item, will drop it onto this cart. Thus the cycle continues.

If there's nothing obvious to do, your supposed to make yourself look busy by sweeping. I tried to show how hopeless that is in this photo, but it didn't quite work. To clarify: the entire warehouse is covered in soot and dust. The floor is not smooth granite, like newer warehouses, it is old, pock filled concrete. The filth fills every pore. Any attempt to sleep only disturbs the top layer, usually just shifting it around.

Luckily vinyl siding products are durable, as we sure don't have the proper equipment to care about them.


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