Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Trucks & Lifts

I've been learning how to drive this old (1985) outdoor forklift. It's actually harder, I think, than the three-wheeled lift, even though it's much closer to driving a car. For someone who knows stick, though, I doubt that's true. Either way, the forks are always sticking out, making precision a necessity anytime one wants to pick up a pallet- if you come at the pallet skewed, your going to catch the pallet skewed. With the other forklift, you can manuever into perfect position, and then slide the forks under the pallet. That I'm driving head down here shows how much I have to concentrate on keeping the thing in gear, rather then where I'm going. It only has two speeds anyway-Turtle and Rabbit. I wonder why, then, it's not automatic.

This was taken in the early morning, before the warehouse lights were even on. The day before, we had finished the day by stacking some loose boxes of siding onto a pallet at the highest height on the shelfs. Obviously, that didn't work out to well.

Another warehouse loading area of the building supply company

Taken in Philadelphia, as an hour was spent trying to re-enter a major roadway. At first, this picture may seem like a mess (appropriately enough), but there is a composition to it that goes right down to the image in the mirror, of the car cutting through the intersection. Alot of traffic looked like that throughout that morning.


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