Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Phili, Baltimore

The corvette was an unintended addition to the last picture, but it makes for an excellent contrast. The grain elevator in the distance, surrounded by haze and pollution, is now abandoned, or at least unused for grain storage. It used to be the destination for entire trainloads of grain, which were then transferred to ships for export. The coveted corvette in the foreground will likely cease to be made within the american confines of declining profit; as the lower picture demonstrates. The GM plant being demolished is in Baltimore, and used to make the Astro and Safari vans. Who says the corvette plant can survive, as all the others fail? Probably only the unions, under the condition that their members accept every concession GM demands.

This hotel really stands out in the area it's in. It's a very interesting design, with those larged arched openings and staircases.

I finally got a pan shot right.


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